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Gender equality : 15 measures announced by the government

Gender equality : 15 measures announced by the government

Publié le : 16/05/2018 16 mai mai 05 2018

After consulting the social partners on issues of equal pay and gender violence at work, the government has outlined fifteen corrective measures. Five concern the fight against gender-based and sexual violence, ten relate to equal pay. The Ministry of Labor is considering how to establish a common methodology for accounting for pay gaps between women and men. In particular, it has considered to test a software integrated in the payroll software, in order to account for these differences in remuneration. If gaps persist, the company should devote a wage catch-up envelope to women. The catch-up envelope would be negotiated as part of the negotiations on professional equality and quality of life at work.

The subject is under study. Legislative developments are expected this summer.


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